St. Stephen Preschool

We are an Arkansas Better Beginnings facility – go to to find out more about our accreditation!

St Stephen Preschool Handbook

  • Registration Papers
    Caterpillar class
    Pre-K Butterfly
    Profile Sheet (must be filled out for both classes)
  • Director:
    • Cathy
  • Lead teachers:
    • Robin: (3-year olds) Preschool / Caterpillar Class
    • Susan and Jackie: (4-year olds) Pre K classes (2 classes)
  • Assistant teachers:
    • Melissa
    • Stephanie
    • Alisha
  • Student : Teacher ratio
    • 2 teachers to 12 children in all classes
  • Hours
    • Monday, Wednesday, and Friday, from 8:30 to 12:30.
    • From October until April, we offer extended day on Wednesdays.  students bring a sack lunch and eat with their classmates.  They are offered and art project, free play and are picked up at 2:00 instead of 12:30.  Extended day is optional, should you choose to send your child the tuition cost goes to 245 dollars a month.  Please note that extended day is only offered if there are at least 10 children enrolled.
    • St. Stephen Preschool follows the Bentonville Public Schools calendar!
  • Tuition
    • $225.00 per month, plus a non-refundable $125 registration fee for new students, and existing students. This fee includes all school supplies for the school year.
  • Teacher Profiles
    • All of our lead teachers at St Stephen’s preschool either hold degrees in or have fifteen or more years of experience in education. We all complete 15 plus hours of professional growth each school year.  If you would like more information on our teachers and assistants please contact the preschool at 273-1240.
  • All classes keep a year long portfolio of your child’s work so that you can see the growth they have made throughout the year.
  • For your convenience, St Stephens does meet your child out at your car for drop off in the morning and we bring your child to you at pick up.