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Leading Teens Closer To Christ 

Life Teen is a youth program for 9th – 12th grade students at St. Stephen Catholic Church. 

Our Youth Ministry Mission Statement: Our youth group is a Eucharist centered movement that strives for a deeper relationship with Christ and his Church to live out the calling of the Gospel in fellowship and prayer, and to use our God given talents and potential to serve the community.

Our goal is to help you grow in your relationship with Christ and with each other! We offer a range of activities: Life Nights, bible studies, prayer sessions, social events, service hours, retreats, etc. Please join us. We hope to meet you soon!

What we do:

Life Teen Mass: Allows teens will lend their time and talents as lectors, ushers, and ministers of the most holy Eucharist. They may also donate their talents to the Life Teen band who will play contemporary praise and worship music during the youth mass. Life Teen Mass is Sunday evenings @ 5 PM.

Life Night: Immediately following the LT Mass, our Life Night will begin. We will meet from 6:00 to 8:00 on Sunday night in the Family Life Center. We will begin with family meal, social time, and then jump into learning! This is a very relational ministry, where myself and the core team will be spending two hours working with the teens to help them better understand Christ, their relationship with Him, and the Church as a whole.

XLT: Twice a semester we will participate in a Eucharistic Adoration, referred to Exalt and Praise. This is a beautiful opportunity for teens to experience the presence of Christ in the Eucharist.

Bible Study: In addition to Life Night (Sunday), we host weekly bible studies on Wednesday Nights at 6:30 – 8:00 in the  Bosco House (old rectory). Homemade meals are provided! These nights are either Lectio, apologetic, topical, or issue related. If you want the REAL answer to any question you’ve ever had about the faith, we answer them here!

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 Life Teen Youth Director, Jessica Petter: