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2020 Financial Report – English

2020 Financial Report – Spanish



The people of St. Stephen parish want to make the most of the present opportunity to welcome all new parishioners to participate in the sharing of their time, talent and treasure. While most people are familiar with sharing their treasure, participation of time and talent is essential. St. Stephen parishioners are all individuals called to community in Christ. Jesus’ great commission to the first disciples is now addressed to us. This mission to the people of all nations must involve all of us personally in our parishes. Participation is essential if our parish is to continue serving the needs of its members. There are many programs and ministries in which individuals or families may participate, depending on their interests.


St. Stephen parish is a “Tithing Parish.” This means that we ask our parishioners to be tithers – to give a planned, proportionate percentage of income to the parish. The Scriptures suggest 10%. We suggest breaking that down – 5% to parish, 1% to the Diocese through CASA plus 4% to favorite charities. We have the Direct Withdrawal system available for those parishioners who wish to have their contributions withdrawn automatically weekly, bi-weekly or monthly.


The Catholic Arkansas Sharing Appeal allows every Catholic in our diocese to be an active and viable partner in the mission and work of our church. It’s an annual appeal to help financially support the many wonderful programs and ministries in our diocese. St. Stephen parishioners strive to be true stewards and express our love for God in rendering service of time, talent and treasure.