First Reconciliation/First Communion

Suzanne Sutton-Director


Office Hours: Monday – Wednesday 9:30am – 2pm

Special Notes for Home First Reconciliation Parents

Class attendance is mandatory. (Even at home ) In addition to the take home material that you are receiving, there will be a video link emailed to you each week. Your children need to watch the class as they are completing their lesson. There will also be a separate link included in the email for a multiple choice quiz that needs to be completed by your child once the lesson is finished. This class is not live so you won’t be required to watch it at a certain time of day. However, the link will expire in a week-–right before the next class occurs.

All Children are required to learn the “Act of Contrition.” (This is a diocese mandate per “The Sacramental Preparation for Children”.)

Confession: We will have a video class specifically on how to make a good confession. You can always also stop in and visit the Reconciliation room ahead of time to help put your child at ease if you choose.

First Reconciliation is Thursday, January 14th at 6pm. The children will receive Reconciliation in the order they arrive. After they receive the Sacrament of Reconciliation, they will meet you at the altar to help them light a candle. Then they will do their penance, if any, and after that you will be free to leave. **If you don’t want to participate in the group Reconciliation, then you will need to contact Suzanne Sutton to schedule a private one with Msgr. Marczuk.

During the group Reconciliation service, the children will recite the “Act of Contrition” as a class. They will not have to say it alone in front of the priest. They will also receive a penance (typically the “Our Father” or the “Hail Mary”). Please work on these prayers at home with your children to help them prepare. **If you choose to have confession separate from the class then the children will have to recite the Act of Contrition. However, we provide a card that they can take with them into the confessional to help them remember.

As the First Reconciliation draws near, it is normal for the children to become nervous or scared. Please let the children know that they will only have to recite one sin if they choose.

Home School Guidelines (Sacramental Prep)